About Me

I am Persie Nihil. I am a queer teen activist, aspiring writer and poet, and a high school senior in Australia. I am hoping to move into youth politics and will continue to work as an activist for social change regardless of whether I gain an official platform or not. Along with my friends, I organised my first rally at 15, in my hometown in NSW, during Australia’s marriage equality vote. This year, at 16, a friend and I organised a rally in Melbourne, Victoria, in support of the March For Our Lives movement and the Parkland students’ push for sensible gun control. In the future, I hope to work in human rights law, as well as charity, youth education and involvement, and activism.

You will see the focus of my writing is change, with specific target aspects of LGBTQI+ rights and youth involvement in creating the future we will have to live with. Another issue I am passionate about is racism, however I chose not to include it in this site, as the energy you put into that issue should be focused on listening to what people with first-hand experience – people of colour – have to say, and the change that they wish to see. I fully support those movements, and you will most likely see links to other people’s content in this blog, but I do not feel qualified to write about it myself, as it is not within my abilities to fully understand the extent and intricacies of such issues.

The ultimate goal of this blog is for it to be an online community and safe space. It is a place where I hope to foster learning and civil discussion about the issues facing minorities and oppressed communities. That said, this is not a message to say “all are welcome”. People who lack basic decency are not welcome. I would like to keep this as a calm and respectful community and maintain the themes of education and activism without resorting to trolling.