Sunday Skull Session

News Review

5 year old boy dies of stab wound in Sydney

There is now a map which shows the areas of Sydney where women feel most unsafe.

Still on Sydney, the rate of homelessness has risen by 48%.

Australia raised the minimum wage by 3.5%…Unions had called for a raise over double that

Catholic offical – aka Australian Archbishop Philip Wilson – convicted of pedophilic sexual abuse asks school children to pray for him

Just to prove my point about the Marriage Equality Postal Survey, check this out. Also this.

The Minister for Women and Minister for the Prevention of Domestic Violence vote against safe access to abortion. See also here.

On the plus side, Labor and the Greens are working together to scrap the tampon tax.

But overall, Australian politicians just really suck. Especially this guy. And this one – she thinks she’s making things better but it’s so much worse. How she’s still in politics after the burqa incident in which George Brandis completely wrecked her, I do not know.

There has been (at least) one death on Manus Island.

I’m really sick of hearing about Barnaby Joyce, but in case any of you are curious, he’s still a pain. Seriously. Just give up, mate.

On the subject of problematic politicians, not only has Theresa May refused to act on Northern Ireland’s abortion laws, after the UK Supreme Court ruled they were a breach of human rights, she has also threatened to ruin human rights laws in order to instate anti-terror lawswhich she has a history of voting against.

Meanwhile, over in Hollywood, Morgan Freeman has been accused of sexual assault. 8 victims and 8 witnesses have come forward to talk to the ABC thus far.

And back to Australia, more people are accusing Craig McLachlan of sexual assault.

The IDF is kind of murdering people and trying to get away with it (this is one example), while Trump continues to support them.


Again, I went for a freehand layout, but I pulled out the stickyfullsizeoutput_63c notes and watercolours  for this week’s spread.fullsizeoutput_63e










It’s a bit late, but I composed this poem on May 22 2017, while listening to the news about the Manchester attack on my way to school.

A quick favour: if you liked this post, please share this. You may not think so, but I’m just starting out and every little helps! I am keeping the Skull Sessions as a staple, so if you did like it, please drop in next week to see more of this content.

Look to the present with the future in mind, and to the future with the past in mind.


What is a skull session? A skull session is a meeting for discussion and sharing information and ideas, which is a pretty cool way to sum up what I’m trying to achieve (yeah, yeah, my emo teen is coming out I know).

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