Sunday Skull Session

News Review:

National Firearms Agreement has been destroyed by the states and territories – call for gun control

Adler Shotgun petition

Trump continues to insist he is above the law – and accuses Robert Mueller of leaking the 20 page letter from his lawyers which contains the claims

China continues to militarise the South China Sea and US offers cryptic warning of “consequences”

New “bladder microbiome” may play an important role in the lives of women with UTIs

The glossy black cockatoo is being wiped out by development in eastern Australia

Elaine Markson, one of the few literary agents who worked with feminist authors, died at age 87 (June 1st)



img_1015.jpgI went for a freehand look this week, based on an earlier week’s similar theme, but with a purple hint, rather than a blue.

fullsizeoutput_624That week’s also became quite busy, with several sticky notes and quotes popping up over the week, in the lead up to my exams, but I quite like the final result (I folded over one sticky note as it contained confidential information). Starting with a freehand look allows me to make last minute changes and add in extras as required, without making it look unintentionally messy, so I’m really enjoying that.

A quick favour: if you liked this post, please share this! You may not think so, but I’m just starting out and every little helps! I am keeping the Skull Sessions as a staple, so if you did like it, please drop in next week to see more of this content.

Look to the present with the future in mind, and to the future with the past in mind.


What is a skull session? A skull session is a meeting for discussion and sharing information and ideas, which is a pretty cool way to sum up what I’m trying to achieve (yeah, yeah, my emo teen is coming out I know)

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