Sunday Skull Session

News Review

Suicide bombers on motorcycles kill 11 in Indonesia church attacks

Terrorism probe into Paris knife attack that left two dead, including attacker

‘Women are not a minority in the world’: Female stars protest gender inequality on Cannes steps

Western Australian police officer remained on duty despite evidence of having assaulted an Indigenous teen, until a second video was released

Israel Folau continues to be publicly homophobic

A toddler was raped in the Northern Territory, and has been ruled to have been at “foreseeable risk” by a case report – after a commissioner found 52 child protection notification reports relating to the children in the family, dating back to 2002

Clive Palmer’s Facebook page shares anti-Semitic meme

After the Safe Schools program was defunded, the 2018 Budget makes the Schools Chaplaincy program permanent

Luke Lazarus found not-guilty of sexual assault despite a jury and two judges finding that the women had not consented to have sex with him – time to change consent laws?


Not much changed in my bullet journal this week, except that I cut the week days down to one page, merging the weekend as indistinct days – it is rare that I require a distinction between the two, as not many tasks are set for one day specifically. I attached a post-it note to give me some extra space to note down homework/study tasks and assignments.fullsizeoutput_609.jpeg



MyIMG_0991.JPG poem for this week is The Old Gods Are Lost: Demeter. It is interesting to examine a modern world through the eyes of a figure from Ancient Greek and Hellenic mythology.


A quick favour: if you liked this post, please share this – I even made a feature image for you!06A875FD-5AC5-470D-9523-2A79E03E9F94.jpeg You may not think so, but I’m just starting out and every little helps! I am keeping the Skull Sessions as a staple, so if you did like it, please drop in next week to see more of this content.

Look to the present with the future in mind, and to the future with the past in mind.


What is a skull session? A skull session is a meeting for discussion and sharing information and ideas, which is a pretty cool way to sum up what I’m trying to achieve (yeah, yeah, my emo teen is coming out I know).

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