Top 5 Study Tips and Tricks

  1. Make a list at the beginning of each study session – condense all the tasks for this session here, and keep them easily accessible so you can tick things off (maybe its just me, but sense of accomplishment is a fantastic motivator). You should organise tumblr_ozuw8cStjP1wpiggzo1_1280it by urgency and importance, and subject if that makes it easy for you. Review and update as you go – if there’s something you don’t get, or need to finish, it all goes there.
  2. Before you start get everything into the one place. Don’t take up all your space with it, but keep it nearby and accessible; there’s no point wasting time you could be using to study or rest finding things you could’ve got ready at the start.
  3. Figure out how you learn, and organise yourself by it. As I detailed on my studyblr, I’m a very linguistic learner. This means I love things like mnemonics and acronyms, but colour and images don’t do much for me apart from make the words pop out. I have a friend who is a musical, mathematical and visual learner, and she loves pictures, numbers, and colour. She literally writes all of her notes in four colour pen, so that the points pop out and soak in better. In terms of organisation, I use a simple bullet journal to organise my life. Sure, I colour-code, but I’m not going to walk into an exam and think, hey, that’s the thing I always wrote about in blue. I just don’t work that way.
  4. The Study Aesthetic™️ isn’t going to get you the Success Aesthetic™️. Keep things simple, and make them work for you. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have neat, print notes or a pretty colour code. Keep up with the class, and worry about neatness later if you want to. I know it’s really satisfying being That Guy™️ who has the aesthetically pleasing notes, but I promise it’s much better being That Guy™️ who tops the class.
  5. Make your space comfortable. I get distracted really easily if I feel cramped or trapped, and often give up entirely out of frustration, but equally, I love having a cozy little nook to study in. Designate yourself one or more (if you like to change it up) study spaces – a desk, on your bed, on the floor, at the kitchen table, whatever’s comfortable. Try and keep the space reasonably clean – and I don’t mean sparkling white surfaces, I mean have places to put things, so you can return them to where they came from once you’re done. It keeps it pretty distraction free, and is one less excuse to procrastinate.

– Don’t put anything there that distracts you. For example, don’t use a spinning chair if that distracts you (personally, I love working on one, because it gives me a freedom and a quick way to move in my space).

– Keep it comfortable – if you’re likely to get cold, store a blanket/sweater there; if your butt/back gets sore, or you just like extra comfort, keep a cushion/pillow. There are no limitations on your study space – make it comfortable and fun, it doesn’t have to be a little public-toilet-esque cubicle of hatred and pain.

– Keep something there to remind you of why you are doing this – even if its a picture of that one person who said you couldn’t do the thing back in grade 3. It’s always good to have something to remind you of why you’re putting yourself through something.

These are my top five tips, but check out more here or here, and follow my studyblr for more study-related content. Good luck studying!!

A quick favour: if you liked this post, please share this – I even made a feature image for you! You may not think so, but I’m just starting out and every little helps!

Look to the present with the future in mind, and to the future with the past in mind.


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