Sunday Skull Session

What is a skull session? A skull session is a meeting for discussion and sharing information and ideas, which is a pretty cool way to sum up what I’m trying to achieve (yeah, yeah, my emo teen is coming out I know).

News Review

This has been an eventful week for everyone except me (I’ve been playing with a puppy and doing not much else), so let’s get started.

  1. Friday, April 20th was the 19th anniversary of the Columbine shooting, and the second Nation School Walkout for 2018. Thousands of students from across the US walked out of class in over 2 600 planned events, to protest for gun control laws to prevent further shootings.
  2. While this was happening, another school shooting took place at Forest High School, in Ocala, Florida. Students had planned to walk out in support of gun control as part of the National Walkout movement, but were forced to barricade themselves into their classrooms to avoid a gunman who injured one student before the shooting ended.
  3. The FBI raided Trump’s lawyer’s offices, requirements for which include the approval of an assistant attorney general, and the passing of significant evidence of probable cause through a federal judge. Files of interest included evidence of Russian collusion and connections.
  4. Trump’s continual claims that he didn’t stay overnight in Moscow for the miss universe event revealed in Comey’s memos were proved false by his own tweets about the event, which state that he spent the whole weekend there. Meaning that at least part of his defence against the Steele dossier has fallen through, and he blatantly lied to the FBI investigation (not quite what I’d call full co-operation, but who am I to judge).
  5. Australia’s banking royal commission is continuously proving that the insane stories your uncle’s nineteenth cousin told you at that family reunion when you were ten were actually true. His dead brother-in-law’s goldfish did get charged for its own death!! Not really, but at least one Commonwealth Bank client was charged for financial advice for eight years after he’d died. And another one was charged for financial advice for ten years after he’d died (and the adviser was aware of his death). AMP charged clients for financial planning advice over 90 days, when the clients weren’t receiving such advice. NAB employees were allegedly paid cash bribes to give out dodgy loans. All this evidence is a bit awkward for the Liberal Turnbull government, especially after treasurer Scott Morrison called Labor and Greens’ calls for the commission a “populist whinge”, but beyond the worrying levels of governmental competency, the main question here is where was ASIC?
  6. A report has graded fashion brands on workers’ protection ethics, with brands such as Ally and MinkPink earning fail grades, while brands like Cotton On, Bonds, and Outland Denim earned As. This was the first year in which gender-based discrimination was taken into account.


The upcoming week is my second week bullet journaling for this year, after I gave up last year. The bullet journal system is something which really should work for me, because I’m quite erratically minded and being able to rearrange and alter my setups accordingly is great, but I wasn’t using it efficiently or effectively last year. So, attempt two.fullsizeoutput_5d1

I went with a cheaper option for my bullet journal, because as I said, last time I tried and gave up, so the paper is thinner and you can see more ghosting coming through.

fullsizeoutput_5d5Because it’s autumn (“fall”) here, I’ve been using yellows, reds, and oranges for my colour scheme (a nice change from the pure dirt scenery here at the moment – we have had no rain!). I also used a nice silvery checkered washi tape which reminded me of plaid, because it is my queer ass’ go-to for the cooler weather (of course, just to annoy that one person who said lesbians ruined flannel for her because I am petty af).




My poem for this week is actually one I wrote for an assignment which was discussing “an encounter with the Other”. To use my own experiences, I focused it on the exclusion of LGBTQI+ people, women, and youth from important spaces and discussions. This is called “But I’ve Grown Up” (wow, creative, not like that’s the first line of the poem…I can write titles) and it is the second in a series of three that I included in that assignment, you can find the others on my Tumblr, as spoken pieces, as well as the spoken version of this one.

A quick favour: if you liked this post, please share this – I even made a feature image for you! You may not think so, but I’m just starting out and every little helps! I am keeping the Skull Sessions as a staple, so if you did like it, please drop in next week to see more of this content.


Look to the present with the future in mind, and to the future with the past in mind.


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