Sunday Skull Session

News Review Suicide bombers on motorcycles kill 11 in Indonesia church attacks Terrorism probe into Paris knife attack that left two dead, including attacker 'Women are not a minority in the world': Female stars protest gender inequality on Cannes steps Western Australian police officer remained on duty despite evidence of having assaulted an Indigenous teen, … Continue reading Sunday Skull Session

Why Australia’s Marriage Equality Vote Was A Mess

TW: homophobia, slurs, violence, injury, hate crimes A child fetches the mail. “VOTE NO TO FAGS” is painted across the pamphlet, in bright red, in bold. Their neighbour’s rainbow flag has been shredded. There’s swastikas carved into the bus stops. A thirteen year old watches the news, on his laptop screen, and the footage of sobbing … Continue reading Why Australia’s Marriage Equality Vote Was A Mess